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UpfittingsThe combined group of American Emergency Products companies has refined our process and best practices in the production and service of law enforcement vehicles to deliver reliability and consistency that is second to none.

All of our facilities employ the 5S methodology to ensure that our facilities contribute to efficiency and consistency whether we are building two vehicles or 200. All of our build teams are led by a seasoned vehicle technician who is Emergency Vehicle Technician Certified and before any vehicle leaves one of our facilities it endures a 143 point quality control inspection.

assessing your vehicle needs

Our first step in upfitting is to understand your needs. Our experienced sales team members will sit down with you to get a firm understanding of your vehicles needs. We’ll help you draw up the specifications and requirements your officers need to protect your streets.

demo vehicles

Agency-specific multiple vehicle builds start with the American Emergency Products Demo Vehicle, a feature unique to the upfitting industry.

The Demo is built and prepared for your department, giving you a chance to inspect and field test every component to insure adherence to specifications and proper operation.

We’re dedicated to making sure you receive exactly what you need - The Demo helps us ensure that delivery.

vehicle builds and delivery

Once you’ve approved the Demo, our team of trained technicians begins building your vehicles. Our 5S processes ensure every vehicle arrives identical to the Demo, standardizing your fleet, in turn simplifying maintenance, upkeep and officer training saving you money in the future.

With scheduled delivery, you can count on American Emergecy Products for reliable delivery.

Fleet Upfitting Fleet UpfittingClick Here

Our 46,000 square foot production facility has the capacity to produce 20 cars a day. We combine the finest in emergency vehicle systems and components with superior installation techniques and stringent quality control, making sure you get the best police vehicles available.

Specialty Vehicles Specialty VehiclesClick Here

American Emergency Products' specialty vehicles are built on small platforms so you can use them on any mission. Choose from slide-out command stations to step-van command centers.

Fire & Ambulance Upfitting Fire & Ambulance UpfittingClick Here

Our vehicle upfitting capabilities cover emergency vehicles for all first responders, including less-than-1-ton fire department apparatus and ambulances.

Retrofitting & Upgrades Retrofitting & UpgradesClick Here

Allow us to retrofit or upgrade your vehicles. Our trained technicians understand the complexities of vehicle upfitting and ensure the electrical integrity of your vehicles.

Utility Vehicles Utility VehiclesClick Here

We equip utility vehicles with the equipment they need to keep work safe. From Amber lighting to equipment racks and more, we can create the utility vehicles you need.

Armoured Vehicles Armoured VehiclesClick Here

Providing specialty armoured vehicles ideal for active-shooter situations and natural disasters.


“The shop manager of the contractor is always on top of the project and maintains the schedule”

“Given what I know today about the Contractor’s ability to execute what they promoised in their proposal, I definitely would award to them today given that I had a choice.”
Sonia Nelson, Contracting Officer, BIA - Acquisitions

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